What’s in a Name? The College of Agriculture


Photo of Agricultural Administration Buildingphoto of Agricultural Administration BuildingIn 2004 Purdue’s School of Agriculture became a College of Agriculture, but that wasn’t its first name change. Between the University’s founding in 1869 and 2004, the College has gone by a few different names.

The Purdue School of Agriculture and Horticulture offered undergraduate programs from 1874-86; the School of Agriculture, Horticulture and Veterinary Science enrolled students during 1887-89; and the School of Agriculture was the name listed in University records from 1890-2004.

Why did we have the latest name change?

The term “school” has often been used to indicate a lower-level academic unit listed under a “college.” Therefore, in 2004, the University Board of Trustees adopted the recommendation that the word “college” replace “school” to better describe Purdue’s primary academic missions.

Initially, “Land-Grant” universities established “colleges of agriculture,” but most have been renamed to “college of something and agriculture,” or “college of agriculture and something else.”  Today, there are just five 1862 Land-Grant “colleges of agriculture” in the nation. You’ll find them at Auburn, Kansas State, Louisiana State, Montana State and Purdue.

Hail, Purdue College of Agriculture!


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