Winter Course in Agriculture: 1940

from the 1939-40 Winter Course in Agriculture program announcement and participant list


In 1940, success in agriculture in all of its various phases of farming and related enterprises demanded an increasing amount of scientific and business knowledge each year. Therefore, opportunities for a trained worker in agriculture were growing.

photo of Winter Short Courses students in 1941, Poultry laboratory

Students in a Winter Short Courses laboratory class in 1941


General Agriculture

  • Rural Leadership
  • Soil Management
  • Field Crops
  • Farm Machinery
  • Farm Organization and Records
  • Marketing Farm Products
  • Orchard and Garden Crops
  • Farm Poultry Flock
  • Insects and Parasites

Animal Husbandry

  • Beef Production
  • Horse Production
  • Sheep Production
  • Swine Production
  • Livestock Breeding
  • Pastures and Forage Crops
  • General Diseases of Farm Animals
  • Livestock Marketing
  • Organization of the Livestock Farm

Dairy Production

  • Dairy Farming
  • Legume and Grass Crops
  • Feeding Dairy Cattle
  • Marketing Dairy Products
  • Diseases of Dairy Cattle
  • Farm Mechanics
  • The Dairy Industry
  • Testing Milk and Milk Products
  • Dairy Bacteriology

Dairy Manufactures

  • Butter-Making and Plant Management
  • The Dairy Industry
  • Dairy Plant Mechanics
  • Ice Cream
  • Testing Milk and Milk Products
  • Market Milk
  • Dairy Bacteriology


There were 196 participants in the 1940 Winter Course in Agriculture

  • Animal Husbandry: 51
  • Dairy Production: 48
  • Dairy Manufactures: 25
  • General Agriculture: 72


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