Winter School in Agriculture: 1900


from the 1899-1900 Winter School in Agriculture program announcement and participant list

photo of First Ag Hall and Experiment Station

First Ag Hall and Experiment Station

The 1900 Winter School of Agriculture was designed for young men and women who wanted to excel in an agricultural pursuits and to more thoroughly prepare for their work, but who could study only in the winter season.

The Courses of Instruction

For men and women:

  • Livestock Husbandry and Veterinary Hygiene
  • Farm Dairying
  • Soils, Crops, Manures and Farm Buildings
  • Horticulture, Economic Botany and Entomology
  • Agricultural Chemistry, Farm Sanitation, Vegetable Parasites and Rural Life
  • Shop Work in Wood and Iron
  • Practical Lectures by Stockmen, Farmers and Horticulturists

In addition to the above, the following courses for women were taught if five people applied:

  • Floriculture
  • Household Chemistry
  • House Sanitation
  • Domestic Economy
  • Botany
  • Drawing
  • Studies in Literature

There were 93 participants in the 1900 Winter School in Agriculture.


Notes from Winter School in Agriculture announcement:

  • “Those who desire it may also take music, for which a moderate charge will be made; or, if qualified, they may enter, without extra expense, the regular classes in English, mathematics, or drawing.”
  • “Young women will be permitted to take any of the subjects, but they will find dairying, horticulture, floriculture, botany, drawing, household chemistry, house sanitation, domestic economy and poultry raising especially attractive and profitable.”

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