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​​Students & Testimonials

Issues-360 is a year-long co-curricular program in which the students participate in guided activities and conversations to develop a “three-hundred-and-sixty-degree” understanding of contentious issues related to food, agriculture and the environment.

Effectively engaging the public on difficult social issues requires not only mastery of science in one’s discipline, but a deeper, authentic understanding of stakeholders themselves – many of whom have widely different values, motives and viewpoints. To begin to understand others, we often must leave our own comfort zones. This can be a difficult process, but it’s essential to forging stronger stakeholder relationships in a modern democratic society. Through the Issues-360 curriculum, students develop critical-thinking skills in three areas – decision-making, collaboration with others, and awareness of self. Upon completion of the entire program, students are then recognized as Fellows of the program and are honored at our College of Agriculture’s Annual Spring Awards Banquet.​

Issues 360