Program Details

Leadership Self-Assessment

The purpose of this self assessment is to assist you in developing your Personal Development Plan. It is suggested that you fill out the assessment to help you identify your four development goals.

The questionnaire enables you to think about the leadership skills and attributes that are the basis of this program. The assessment enables you to do two things. First, you rate yourself in terms of how well you think you possess the attribute or perform the skill. Second, you indicate whether or not you wish to develop this specific skill.  From the assessment, you should be able to develop your four goals.

While this instrument is intended to help you gain new insights into the many leadership skills and attributes as they relate to you and your leadership development, it is strongly encouraged that you utilize other assessment instruments as well. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the Leadership Practices Inventory, DISC, Insight, and other development tools available through the Dean of Students Office can not only provide new insights into oneself, they can identify patterns of behavior and/or affirm what you already know about yourself.

Personal Development Plan

The Personal Development Plan, or PDP, is a roadmap that will guide the student through consistent growth in four or more leadership skills and attributes. The PDP is the foundation to a productive start in the Leadership Development Certificate Program. The following seven steps should not be taken lightly. Similar to a road map, the PDP serves as the student’s guide throughout the entire Leadership Development Certificate Program journey.

It is recommended that a table format be used for the professional development plan. The table should include three columns: Leadership Skills and Attributes (identified through the Self Assessment) and Goal column, a Specific Mechanism column to describe how the student plans to obtain each skill and goal, and an Anticipated Outcome column to document how the student will benefit from the experience.

Documenting and Reflecting on Activities

As a way to keep record of your leadership activities, to help you report to your coach, and to document your growth, you are asked to complete a Reflection Activity Information Sheet. See the sheet on page 38. This asks you to identify what you did, what your personal learning goal was that you were trying to meet (from the Personal Development Plan), what you learned, how you learned it, and some other reflection questions. The Requirement Checklist found at the end of the manual in the Resources Section will assist both you and the coach in tracking your progress to meeting your goals.


The portfolio, or “scrapbook,” is required to document your activities and what you learned. The reflections and other evidence of your learning experiences such as pictures, clipping, mementos and personal narrative reflections are assembled into a leadership portfolio.

The portfolio is designed to be flexible.  There are several example formats that can be reviewed in the Leadership Development Certificate Program Office, located in Room 121 of the Agricultural Administration Building.

  • Electronic Portfolio (Web site) – In the future, you will be able to add your   portfolios to an already established Web site, or create your own Web site from scratch.  You have 100 MB of space on a student account that can be used for this purpose.  In the future e-portfolio workshops may be offered to help you gain the skills to develop your portfolio online.
  • Printed Portfolio – A paper document or binder.
  • Poster Portfolio
Suggestions on How to Start

The portfolio need not be limited to the Leadership Development Certificate Program alone.  The certificate can merely be one component of your portfolio.  You can keep this functionality in mind while designing your portfolio.

  • Make a list of possible components to include in the portfolio.  Decide how to incorporate each component into the portfolio design.
  • Develop a table to illustrate growth in the leadership skills and attributes areas and work from there:

​Leadership Skills/Attributes Leadership Improvement Goals​ Evidence​
Required Portfolio Components

  • An introduction of yourself – You can provide information such as why you are participating in the certificate program, what you believe leadership involves, and/or an explanation of your own personal vision statement.
  • A Reflection Activity Information Sheet can be found on the following page.  Use this form to document how your participation in each certificate program activity has helped you to reach your leadership certificate program goals.  The Reflection Activity Sheet is a tool to help you build your portfolio.