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When you don't know where to go for information, have your son or daughter begin by contacting his/her advisor.

You can also contact us.

Are you sending your first son or daughter to college? If so, you may feel a little lost or worried about what could happen. Even if you've done this before, you might feel concerned. As a parent, it's tough, but important, to let go and allow a son or daughter to make his or her way in the world – even to make mistakes and learn from them.

Here are some ideas about how you can be involved in your daughter's or son's educational experiences.

  • Ask what your son or daughter likes or dislikes about college courses and studying. Ask how his/her ideas for the future are changing.
  • Attend campus events when you're invited. We especially hope to see you on Family Day in September, when departments are open and faculty can visit with you.
  • Read the e-newsletter sent by Marcos Fernandez, Associate Dean of Agriculture. Give us feedback if you have concerns or suggestions. (E-mail Dr. Fernandez at to receive his parent newsletter.)
  • When your daughter or son needs help, refer her/him to campus resources (see list). Start with your student's advisor who can identify others who can help.
  • Urge your son or daughter to make his or her own appointments.
  • Allow your daughter or son to choose courses, decide how to spend time, and learn to study. Don't expect perfection!
  • Encourage your son or daughter to visit the Latino or Black Cultural Center; to study abroad, to participate in a service-learning project; or to attend social events, lectures, or concerts outside his/her normal interests. A college campus provides students a safe way to step outside comfort zones and interact with other cultures and ideas. College can be a mind-opening experience!
  • Resist the urge to be in touch daily. Allow your daughter or son to initiate the contact and trust that things are going well.