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When you don't know where to go for information, have your son or daughter begin by contacting his/her advisor.

You can also contact us.

Skills college freshmen need — and often lack — according to campus officials.

  • Asking and negotiating for what they need
  • Sharing personal and communal living space
  • Exercising basic personal safety skills
  • Showing self-reliance in the face of adversity
  • Tracking and controlling personal spending
  • Keeping healthy study, eating, and sleep habits
    --- Wall Street Journal, "Out of the Nest"

During college and the first years after graduation, young adults should be learning to make decisions for themselves and dealing with the consequences. Parents can help or hinder that process.
--- Newsweek, "The Fine Art of Letting Go"

You have to let them fail and face those tough situations. It's not easy to do. But if you don't, think about the message you are conveying to your son or daughter – that they're not able to handle their own life.
--- Helen Johnson, Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money