Information about Study Abroad


Study Abroad​​

Our study abroad programs are organized through the International Programs in Agriculture (IPIA) Office.

Every Agriculture student has the opportunity to study overseas.  You don’t have to speak another language.  Grants and scholarships are available through the university, IPIA, and many departments offer grants to their students who study abroad.

Students choose from a portfolio of programs which are offered on every continent, except Antarctica.  Programs vary in length and focus.  Students can study abroad winter or spring break, short-term (2-4 weeks) summer courses, longer-term summer programs (6-8 weeks), or semester or year-long.  All of these programs earn Purdue credit which can be applied toward your degree.

All students come home with new life skills that make them more attractive to potential employers and graduate schools, more effective citizens, and better persons.  Purdue University works with institutions, industries, and people throughout the world and is home to students and scholars from over 100 countries.  The philosophy underlying study abroad derives from a belief that students who have had experience working, living, and studying internationally are better educated, more mature, and usually motivated in their chosen careers.

 Study abroad is especially important for today’s graduates because:

  • International experience helps employees be more productive and effective even here at home.
  • Learn how to apply knowledge you’ve gained in different ways.
  • Gain confidence in themselves.
  • Learn to appreciate different perspectives; learn to work with people unlike themselves.
  • Overseas experience is important for working in the global marketplace.
  • Students who study abroad tend to be risk-takers; they are more independent, flexible, creative, and goal oriented.
  • An international experience can help set you apart from other students with whom you’ll compete for jobs or graduate/professional school placements.

“Studying abroad gives you the skills to communicate in a global workplace.  It helps you to understand different customs and how to communicate effectively across language barriers.  It also helps you to become more sensitive to the diversity of people and be more understanding of different cultures.”

Melissa Galizio, Junior, Food Science

“Study abroad is the chance everyone should get to discover their sense of adventure and to justify traveling as many have want to do.  But it also provides a unique environment for a student to academically, socially, and culturally grow into a more confident and skilled citizen.”

Brittany Sievers, Senior, Natural Resource and Environmental Science