Transfer from IUPUI or IUPU-Columbus


For guidance on courses that you can complete at IUPUI or at IUPU-Columbus that will satisfy College of Agriculture degree requirements, please see majors and minors and contact one of the following individuals.  Also, see recommended courses below.


Beth Goodman

Academic and Career Development

IUPUI University College

815 West Michigan Street, UC 3004

Indianapolis, IN 46202




Valarie K. Moorman

Student Services Coordinator

Columbus Statewide Technology

422 East Central

Greensburg, IN 47240


Recommended Courses - IUPUI and IUPU-Columbus

Purdue West Lafayette                                      IUPUI - IUPU Columbus                                         
AGEC 20300 ECON E201
AGEC 21700 ECON E202
BIOL 11000 BIOL K101
BIOL 11100 BIOL K103
CHM 11100 CHEM C101 and CHEM C121*
CHM 11200  
CHM 11500 CHEM C105 and CHEM C125
CHM 11600 CHEM C106 and CHEM C126
CHM 25500 CHEM C341
CHM 25501 CHEM C343
CHM 25600 CHEM C342
CHM 25601 CHEM C344
COM 11400 COMM R110
ENGL 10600 ENG W131 and ENG W132
MA 16500 MATH 163
MA 16600 MATH 164
MA 22000 MATH M119
MA 22300 MATH 231
MA 22400 MATH 232
PHYS 21400 PHYS 218
PHYS 22000 PHYS P201
PHYS 22100 PHYS P202
STAT 30100 STAT 301

* CHEM C101 (3) and CHEM C121 (2) and one elective credit substitutes for CHM 11100 and CHM 11200.