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Administrative / Professional Staff Advancement Program - General Information

A/P Staff Advancement - General Information

The purpose of the review and advancement system for the administrative/professional staff within Purdue University's Agriculture Complex is three-fold:

  1. To provide a framework for a meaningful review and advancement system;
  2. To recognize and reward excellence in the performance of assigned responsibilities; and,
  3. To encourage continued achievement and service.

The program is designed for administrative/professional staff. All staff groups  are included in the program. See Human Resources Policy IV.B.1​ regarding classification of salaried personnel.

There are 4 levels of advancement: 3-6.

All departments in the College of Agriculture are required to participate in the program, except field extension staff who have another advancement program. Participation by individual A/P staff members is voluntary.

Expect A/P Advancement materials to arrive electronically by early September of each year.