College of Agriculture Professional Development Grant


The purpose of the College of Agriculture Professional Development Grant is to recognize, encourage and award resources to individuals -and groups- in the College of Agriculture who wish to pursue professional development activities that will contribute to achieving career goals.


  • Open to all College of Agriculture staff whose positions support the college in at least 75% capacity.

  • Excludes faculty, student employees, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are offered similar opportunities through other resources. 

  • Open to temporary employees

  • Employees of CoA at time of grant funding announced

  • Grants may fund a single event or supplement coursework over a one-year period

  • Grant may not be given to same individual more than once in a three-year period

  • Grant may not be used for membership dues in professional organizations


Applications will be judged on the following:

  • Strength of application

  • How will the professional development activity help the applicant's career and Purdue?

  • Budget (cost of training and related activities; requested dollar amount)


  • Approximate submission deadlines: January 1 and August 1 every year

  • Initial Review Committee will be composed of current members of the Professional Development Subcommittee.  Future members will serve in a volunteer capacity with annual membership drives to provide diversity amongst departments

  • Maximum grant amount is $750, with up to 20 awardees each session

  • Materials to be submitted:  online application reflecting above criteria

  • Reimbursement:  The committee will provide grant recipients with an appropriate account number.  Either Departmental or Travel cards can be used to allocate those funds.  If those are not an option, the Substitute W-9 can be used.

  • Notification: Six weeks after deadline.  Applicant's Business Office will also be informed.


Please note that once the application is started, it cannot be exited before completion.  Be prepared to explain how the professional development activity will benefit your career and Purdue.  The cost of the activity, related travel, and other expenses should also be presented.

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