State President

  • Works with state PCARET executive committee to plan yearly PCARET meetings and activities.
    ​​The executive committee 
    consists of:
    • the state officers
    • the dean of Agriculture and staff
    • the director of extension
  • Confers with director of extension/PCARET coordinator to establish detailed agendas for all PCARET meetings and activities.
  • Presides at state PCARET meetings and activities. These include Legislative Luncheon, National Lay Leader’s Conference, state PCARET conference, and scheduled meetings.
  • Attends area PCARET meetings when available to do so.
  • Represents the state PCARET at invited Purdue functions.
  • Utilizes the state committee through delegation. Appoints special committees as needed.

State Vice President

  • Assists the state president.
  • Attends area PCARET meetings when available to do so.
  • Attends state PCARET and executive committee meetings.
  • Represents state PCARET at invited Purdue functions.
  • Convenes and chairs committee to review PCARET bylaws biennially (even years).

State Secretary

  • Records minutes at PCARET meetings and the Legislative Luncheon.
  • Keeps record of all executive committee meetings and conference calls.
  • Distributes minutes of state PCARET meetings.
  • Attends state committee and executive committee meetings.
  • Represents state PCARET at invited Purdue functions.

State Treasurer

  • Transacts and records all financial activity for state PCARET.
  • Presents treasurer’s report at state and executive committee meetings.
  • Collects area dues from the 10 area treasurers by December 1.
  • Attends state PCARET meetings and executive committee meetings.
  • Represents state PCARET at invited Purdue functions.


Area President

  • Presides at all area PCARET meetings and events.
  • Coordinates and plans area meetings with officers and district director.
  • Appoints committees to carry out the work of area PCARET.
  • Involves area PCARET members in decision making.
  • Delegates responsibilities to membership.
  • Oversees committee work.

Area Vice President

  • Assists the area president as needed.
  • Chairs special committees.
  • Conducts meetings in the president’s absence.
  • Chairs area committee to review the bylaws biennially (odd years).

Area Secretary/Treasurer

  • Records minutes of all area meetings.
  • Presents written minutes to the district director to mail with meeting notice and agenda.
  • Maintains area financial accounts and records.
  • Presents treasurer’s report at each area meeting.
  • Collects fees and dues, disburses expenses.
  • Pays area dues to state PCARET treasurer.



The basic organization is the Purdue Council on Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching (Purdue-C.A.R.E.T.). It is a voluntary group broadly representative of the citizens of Indiana who support, cooperate and participate in county, area and statewide programs and activities conducted by the Cooperative Extension Service, Agricultural Experiment Station, Resident Instruction and International Agriculture divisions of the Agricultural Complex at Purdue University.

There shall be a Purdue state committee and ten (10) area committees, one in each of the ten extension areas in the state of Indiana.

ARTICLE II - Purpose

Purdue-C.A.R.E.T. provides a structure by which local people can make organized input into program development, offer counsel on various policy and program decisions, and provide budgetary and legislative support at the local, state, and national levels for the betterment of Purdue Agriculture.

ARTICLE III - Responsibility of the Committee

Section 1

      To elect officers.

Section 2

      To review, analyze and support state and federal legislation that concerns missions, objectives, and responsibilities of the Agricultural Complex.

Section 3

      To review, analyze and support county, state and federal appropriations required for the effective functioning of the Agricultural Complex.

Section 4

      To review and study long term trends impacting the well-being of agriculture, particularly as it relates to the citizens of Indiana.

Section 5

      To present concerns and needs to the dean and directors of Purdue Agriculture programs.

Section 6

      To provide input and comments on the extension, research, teaching and international programs of the Purdue University Agricultural Complex.

Section 7

      To serve as advocates for Purdue Agriculture at the county, state and federal levels.

ARTICLE IV - Meetings of the State Committee

Section 1

       The state committee will meet at least two (2) times annually, with the annual meeting to be held in April, usually the second Thursday.

Section 2

       Officers will be elected at the annual meeting. Appropriate notice should be given to the membership well in advance of meeting dates. It is desirable that a written agenda be sent to members at least once a week in advance. Minutes of meetings will be kept and distributed to the membership within 30 days of the meeting.

Section 3

       The chairman of each committee may call additional meetings as needed.

Section 4

       A quorum will be the number of members present at a given meeting after notification of said members, but shall not be less than one-third (1/3) of the committee members.

ARTICLE V - Organization of the State Committee

Section 1

      The membership shall consist of up to thirty-six (36) members. Three shall represent each area committee from among those who have attended the Lay Leaders Workshop in Washington, D.C. during the prior three year period. The executive committee will appoint, in consultation with the dean and directors, up to 6 additional members representing various sectors of agriculture that they deem are not adequately represented by persons representing area committee membership. These areas to be considered include: 1. field and horticultural crop production 2. livestock and poultry production 3. forest and wood products 4. farm credit and farm management 5. seed, feed, fertilizer and ag chemicals 6. crop processing, marketing and trade 7. livestock processing, marketing and trade 8. food retailing and food service industry 9. consumer and environmental interests 10. state and local government 11. family and youth. Appointed or at large representative members should serve the area but need not represent their county when attending area meetings. (Serving in ex-officio capacity will be the dean of Agriculture, director of extension, director of the Experiment Station, director of Resident Instruction and the director of International Agriculture as well as the appointed representatives to the National Council on Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching.

Section 2

       Committee members will serve three (3) year terms. New members will be those elected by the area committees or appointed by the executive committee.

Section 3

       The officers will be chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. They will be elected by simple majority at the annual meeting and shall serve, along with the past president ex officio, as the executive committee.

Section 4

       The treasurer of the state committee shall be bonded in an amount to be determined annually.

Section 5

       A campus liaison(s) will be designated by the dean and directors.

ARTICLE VI - Organization of the Area Committees

Section 1

      Each of the ten (10) cooperative extension areas in Indiana shall have an area PCARET committee made up of three (3) leaders from each County in a given extension area. Representation on this committee should also be focused on the aforementioned areas.

Section 2

       The chairman of each county extension board shall serve automatically on the area PCARET committee.

Section 3

       The chairman of each county extension board, in consultation with the district director and county extension director, shall annually appoint the other two members from within his county to serve on the area committee. These members need not be members of the county extension board.

Section 4

       The area committee s​hall elect those who will represent them on the state committee as well as a person from their area to attend the Lay Leaders Workshop.

Section 5

      The area committee shall annually elect those who will represent them on the state committee as well as a person from their area to attend the Lay Leaders Workshop.

ARTICLE VII - Amendments

The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at any meeting of the state committee. Notice of proposed amendments should be sent to the membership at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.