Ag-celerator Fund

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Ag-Celerator™, created in 2015, is a $2 million plant sciences innovation fund designed to provide critical startup support for Purdue innovators who wish to commercialize patented intellectual property or Purdue "know-how" technologies. Funding is considered for innovations that impact the life sciences, such as advancing crop traits, generating higher yields, using big data to improve farm management, finding new uses of plants, using precision agriculture, and discovering advanced breeding techniques. Purdue students, faculty and alumni can receive up to $100,000 in funding through the program. Investments are made per semester on a competitive basis.

Ag-Celerator™ seeks to help Purdue entrepreneurs build momentum that will put them in a better position to gain customers, find development partners, and obtain more investment funding.

The fund is operated by Purdue Ventures, the capital access arm of the Purdue Foundry, with assistance from the Purdue College of Agriculture, Purdue Research Foundation’s Office of Technology and Commercialization, and the agricultural industry.

Application & Deadline

To be considered for Ag-Celerator participation, a Purdue innovator and their team must review deadlines and complete the application form, including a business concept description and pitch deck at:

Past Winners

Gen3Bio Inc.

A startup that transforms waste algae into an ongoing stream of revenue by using a proprietary enzymolysis process to extract fats, sugars and proteins to produce specialty chemicals

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Progeny Drone Inc.

A Purdue-affiliated startup has created an image processing software that rapidly converts aerial crop images into useful information for plant breeding, crop modeling and precision agriculture

Akanocure Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Startup commercializing an innovative synthesis platform that will allow them to synthesize complex polyketide building blocks to act as crop protection agents (fungicides and herbicides)

VinSense LLC

Company developing a software platform to help grape growers and winemakers optimize quality yields in their vineyards

Phicrobe LLC

Startup commercializing an innovative method for the inexpensive and rapid detection of pathogenic E. coli in food and food product environments

Hydro Grow LLC

Startup developing a refrigerator-sized automated device to grow vegetables in consumers’ homes