Controlled Environment Phenomics

Purdue researchers are studying plants under highly consistent growth conditions that are difficult to replicate in the field. These uniform conditions allow for precise control over experimental variables. In 2016, imaging systems were installed to enable rapid, clear-cut measurements of plant traits such as size and color.

For even better data quality and higher capacity, a new Controlled Environment Phenotyping Facility is planned for 2018. At approximately 7,300-square-feet, this facility will accommodate two large climate chambers, each containing conveyors and robots to move and care for plants. Growth areas are linked to a series of automated imaging systems that will also be accessible to image plants from any campus greenhouse or growth space.

Controlled Environment Phenotyping Facility (CEPF)

Plant Growth
  • 256 plant capacity
  • Stand-alone room with precise environmental controls
  • Automated conveyors for plant growth and randomization
  • 60,000-square-feet of connected Lilly greenhouse growth space
Precision Irrigation
  • Fully automated and precise weight-based water dosing and water to saturation options
  • Single nutrient limitation with gradient control
Imaging and Measurement
  • RGB: high-throughput morphology, geometry, and color
    • Up to 4m-tall height, top-view and multiple side-view cameras
    • Up to 150 plants per hour
    • Segmentation: chlorophyll fluorescence to detect plant tissues
    • Biomass, plant size
  • Hyperspectral: pigmentation; physiological status, such as water potential, nutrient deficiency
    • Color, vegetative indices
    • Pigmentation: anthocyanins, carotenoids
    • Physiological status: water potential, nutrient deficit
    • Up to 70 plants per hour

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Aris TopView Phenotyping System

Top-view imaging box for phenotyping
  • Measure plant area from top-view only
  • Multispectral features, including near infrared
  • Easy operation; open to custom software
  • Arabidopsis and small plant segmentation