Data Management

Plant science experiments have become more data-intensive and collaborative, and it is imperative that researchers find efficient ways to manage data streams and generate more meaningful data across disciplines. High-performance computing and advances in automation and imaging of plants has presented tremendous opportunities for data collection but challenges the way we store, aggregate, and analyze data in a systematic way.

In the era of “big data,” researchers have less time but greater responsibility to make use of this data. The Institute provides analytics, visualization software, and delivery of data to allow researchers to spend more time making data biologically relevant and turning data into decisions.

Web-based Data Delivery

Smarter Ag™ data community for plant science research

Provided by the Institute, the Smarter Ag™ platform is a secure framework that allows researchers to stay competitive while getting the most out of their data.

  • Image-derived data delivered in cohesive fashion for more robust analysis
  • Experiment and plant management
  • Conduit for connecting plant researchers
  • Start a community or project, share resources, and publish data


Plant phenomics software suite
  • Allows plant scientists to visually and intuitively identify patterns in large data sets
  • Associate images with numerical outliers
  • Process 60,000 images instantly even with slow bandwidth
  • Generate and interrogate complex graphs on the fly