Retirement and Estate Planning

This website contains important information on retirement and estate planning. There are three sub-sites that go into more detail. They are:

Planning for a Secure Retirement: this course module website helps you with your planning for retirement. Each module provides information that can be valuable in answering questions you need to consider as you make your plans. The modules include specific goals for the module, activities to complete, and sources for more information.

Getting Motivated for Estate Planning: learn about several families and why they had to develop their estate plans.

Getting Ready for Estate Planning: estate planning is making the most of what you have, both now and after your death and it allows you to arrange your affairs according to your wishes.

Who Will Get Grandpa's Farm
As farm operators age, the question of farm transfer surfaces. Farm operators know they need to discuss the transfer with family members, but some families find it difficult to communicate because there are several issues that must be considered.

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