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Direct Control

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Farmer & Son - Direct Control

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Direct Control Transcript

Mark: What are you up to, Dad?

John: Well, I am looking at these farm records. I want to see how we can make the farm more productive now that you'll be with us full time. We need to produce more or reduce expenses so we can have more profit.

Mark: That sounds good. But, Jill and I don't want to work every minute. When she gets back home from her job in town, we need some time to spend together.

John: Your mom and I were thinking the same thing. After all these years of chores, we want to take some time to do some traveling.

Mark: I need to talk this over with Jill. We have already mades plans for Memorial Day and the fourth of July. We're going to go camping with friends.

John: Well, I guess we're going to have to make a schedule for farm work as well as for crop rotation.

Mark: I guess you're right.