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Indirect Control

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Farmer & Brother - Indirect Control

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Indirect Control Transcript

Richard: Hi John. How's it going?

John: All right. Richard, I wanted to talk to you about the farm.

Richard: What do you mean? Is anything wrong?

John: No, Everything is fine. I just wanted to get your thoughts about the ownership of the farm after Dad and Mom decide to let go.

Richard: Is this their idea or your idea?

John: It is my idea. I want to talk to them about it, but first I want to see what your feelings are about the farm. Do you see yourself ever coming back and living on the farm?

Richard: I don't think so. I enjoy quitting at 5 o'clock. And I like to take weekends off.

John: That's what I like about the farm. I can set my own schedule and be my own boss. So, what do you think your share of the farm should be?