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Indirect Control

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Older Parent's Health - Indirect Control

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Indirect Control Transcript

John: Hey Dad.

Ed: Yes.

John: I have been noticing that you are short of breath a lot lately.

Ed: It's just my allergies. It will pass.

John: You may be right. I know you would feel better if you are checked by your own doctor.

Ed: I don't need to see a doctor. I can take care of myself.

John: I know that you can take of yourself. But, I would feel better if you went to see a doctor. And, I think that whatever you have, you will get over it faster than just letting it take care of itself.

Ed: All right, But, I will do what I think is right after I see a doctor.

John: I've got the phone number in the house. Let's go make an appointment while we are thinking about it.