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Al & Martha

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Al & Martha

Al and MarthaAl and Martha adopted two children within a short period of time. Because both of them were working, they had to adjust their lives to include caring for their children. It was important to establish guardians for the children and develop an estate plan in case something happened to them.

As time passed, they realized they needed to change their plans. If anything happened to them, they wanted their children to be taken care of but realized that receiving too much money at a young age was not a good idea. That meant that Al and Martha needed to change their estate plans.

When Al and Martha retired, they found they were busy with volunteer work and activities. Their children had grown up and left home. In a few years, Al and Martha realized that they needed to think about down-sizing from their two story home. They decided to relocate. This meant changing their plans again.

There were four questions that they answered: