Getting Motivated for Estate Planning

Each person who is shown here shared their thoughts about developing estate plans. As time passed, each of them had to change their plans because of changes in their lives. We hope that their stories will be meaningful to you.

It is important to find the time to make plans for your future. Think about what you need. Get the legal help that you need and then share your plans with family and friends.

To learn more about these three families and why they developed estate plans, click either on the menu or their names.

Al and Martha Al & Martha:
They are retired professors with two adopted children. They planned for their children's college education and continued planning.

Jan Jan:
She is married with two children. They survived a scary plan ride. At that point, they realized they hadn't done any estate planning for their children.

Jane Jane:
She is a professional tour operator who gave up her career to take care of her mother and father.


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