Step 2-4: Assets

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The Word document (see the 'Download this worksheet page' link) includes all the information on:


Please write the type, location, trustee, who established it, the beneficiary, and the value of trust property.

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Real estate

Please write the type of property and number of acres, how it's titled, the exact names on the title, the location, year acquired, cost and market value and date.

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Stocks and bonds

Please describe the stock or bond, the exact name of the owner, when it was purchased, number, face value of bonds, and the purchase price or income tax basis.

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Mutual funds (not held in retirement account)

Please describe the name of the company, how it's owned, when it was purchased, the original amount, the current value and the TOD (transfer on death).

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Retirement benefits

Please describe the name of the company and its contact information, how it's owned, the type of plan, the beneficiary, the amount and how it will distribute.

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Personal property

Examples of personal property are a car, jewelry, etc. Please describe the type, how it's titled or owned, the location of the title (if any), the cost, and the market value.

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Notes, mortgages, and accounts receivable

These are notes, mortgages owned to you, and accounts receivable. Please describe the name of the person who owes you, the year acquired and the value.

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