Getting Ready for Estate Planning

Estate planning is making the most of what you have, both now and after your death. Estate planning allows you to arrange your affairs according to your wishes. You coordinate the use and distribution of your property. And, you can provide for charitable gifts and bequests.

The purpose of this site is to help you organize your thoughts and information befor eyou see an advisor about an estate plan. Many people avoid estate planning because they think that the process will be overwhelming. We believe that the six steps provided here will help you get ready. These steps are frequently recommended by experts. They are:

  1. Initiate the discussion
  2. Take stock of the present
  3. Develop objectives
  4. Choose advisors
  5. Consider alternatives
  6. Review and modify

You can use the steps in any order, but they will probably make the most sense if you start with step 1 and proceed to step 6.

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