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Module 6a

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Module 6a: Eligibility

Goal: to understand the types of retirement plans

Many, but not all, employers have an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Employer plans may be funded as follows:

  1. Completely funded by the employer
  2. Funded only by employee contributions
  3. Funded by contributions from both the employer and employee

Questions to keep in mind:

  1. Does your employer have a retirement plan?
  2. Is it funded completely by the employer, by employee contributions, or do employer and employee contribute?
  3. Are you eligible to participate in the plan?
  4. If you are a participant and must contribute, are you making the maximum contribution?


An excellent resource is located at the Department of Labor, Pension and Welfare Benefits website. It is entitled Women and Retirement Savings. While some of the publication is directed towards women, the information is generalized for everyone's benefit. It will take about ten minutes to read.

For a general description of retirement plans go to What you should know about your retirement plan (Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration)

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