A Word from the Editor


By Derek Berkshire

Derek Berkshire

Looking back, I was unfair to Purdue. It’s not that I didn’t respect the university, but I took it for granted.

Growing up less than an hour from campus meant that I visited it frequently as a kid –– sports, conferences, family. Its proximity to me and the number of family members who attended Purdue also made me think that I wanted to further my education somewhere new.

After looking at other colleges and seeing Purdue through my brother’s experience, I realized something I had tried to avoid: Purdue Agriculture was where I was meant to be.

Over the last four years, I’ve found far more than I bargained for at Purdue. This magazine captures some of the moments, people, and experiences that make Purdue Agriculture such a special place for so many.

Destination Purdue provides a glimpse into the lives of students with varied backgrounds, passions, and life pursuits. I hope you will find your place in this Purdue Agriculture family, too.

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