A Word from the Editor


By Maurina Baker

As I come to the end of my time at Purdue, I look back on how I started this journey. I was raised in Indianapolis, a predominantly urban environment, so I did not think much about agriculture and plants. I knew I wanted to help educate people, so I went to Purdue with the intent of being a biology teacher. While I quickly realized being a teacher was not the path for me, I did not have a backup plan, so I set off to explore the possibilities the university offered.

Along the way, I joined a student organization — Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) — that was filled with people who had a passion for agriculture and were interested in my success. I began to meet more faculty, staff, and students in the college.

Two of the most important factors that drew me to Purdue Agriculture were the passion the people have for agriculture and how people-centered the research and projects were. I soon found myself engaged and interested in the future of agriculture.

In this issue, it is fitting that we have stories about people who are creating new businesses, research projects and ideas to leave their unique mark on Purdue and their communities.

It is in this same tradition of building a community focused on people and their love for agriculture that we present these stories.

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