Purdue Agriculture’s 21 most-read stories of 2021

January 10, 2022


“I can’t wait to see what ABE can do under this roof over the next 100 years!”

-Karen Plant


“Ring-necked Pheasants are a complicated bird. They are not native to the United States, yet they have permeated the culture of rural America and spawned a large conservation movement.”

-Jarred Brooke


“We cook chicken to 165 degrees because that’s how we kill salmonella in that product. But it’s not that simple in flour because Salmonella is more heat resistant when moisture is low.”

-Yaohua “Betty” Feng


“It has been so exciting to see students learn, grow and develop as you help prepare them for their future career path, whether in the food industry, academia or something completely different.” 

–Suzanne Nielsen


“We are excited to see how this evolves and how we can feature them and educate students about turkeys and poultry, and animals in general.” 

–Marisa Erasmus