Winterberry Deciduous Holly
Red fruits of winterberry deciduous holly.
Photo Credit: Purdue Arboretum
Arrowwodod Viburnum
Bluish black fruits of arrowwood viburnum.
Photo Credit: Purdue Arboretum

Q: I would like to plant bushes that will attract birds in fall and winter. I’m thinking of something that produces a berry they eat? – J.W., Winfield, Indiana

A: Birds require not only food such as fruits and seeds, but also shelter and water. Planting a variety of plants that offer these resources across the seasons will help attract more birds to your yard. Some native shrubs to consider include:

Aronia (chokeberry)

Callicarpa (beautyberry)

Clethra (summersweet)

Cornus (dogwood)

Corylus (hazelnut)

Ilex (winterberry)

Lindera (spicebush)

Rhus (sumac)

Sambucus (elderberry)

Symphoricarpos (snowberry and coralberry)

Viburnum (several species)

More information on attracting birds and other wildlife to your yard in Purdue Forestry & Natural Resources publication FNR-247-W.