Students on the Street: What should every Purdue student experience before graduation?


Leeza Kuo

Animal sciences: pre-veterinary medicine, junior, Los Altos, California

“Staying up late to cram for an exam. I’ve never pulled an all-nighter, though. I usually try to get at least two hours of sleep.”



Amber Wampler

Agribusiness: food marketing, senior, Rockledge, Pennsylvania

“Every student should experience lunch from the farmers market.”



Mark Pazik

Biological engineering, junior, Chicago

“Go to a random lecture, in a random classroom. Just act like you’re supposed to be there.”



Rachel Lawrence-Foster

Animal sciences: behavior/well-being, senior, Aurora, Illinois

“Disagree with one of your professors. Don’t just go along with what you’re taught. Challenge the status quo.”



Emma Mendez

Animal sciences: production, junior, Lebanon, Indiana

“Hold the American flag at a home football game.”



Paige LeMaster

Food science, junior, Decatur, Indiana

“Finding a unique study spot that’s not in a library. I always study in Pappy’s.”



Ravi Shukla

Agricultural engineering, sophomore, Lagos, Nigeria

“A fountain run. It’s so exhilarating, and it’s something that connects you to people all over campus — not just those in your college or major.”

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