World Food Prize Laureates from Purdue University


Phil Nelson, 2007

nelson.jpgDr. Philip E. Nelson, Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, was awarded the 2007 World Food Prize for his innovative breakthrough technologies which have revolutionized the food industry, particularly in the area of large-scale storage and transportation of fresh fruit and vegetables using bulk aseptic food processing.

An icon of the food world, Dr. Nelson’s discoveries have made major contributions to the availability of nutritious foods worldwide. Commonly credited for recognizing the untapped potential of aseptic technologies for much larger scale applications, the aseptic bulk processing and packaging technology pioneered by Nelson can be found in almost every country in the world.

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Gebisa Ejeta, 2009

gebisa-aaas.jpgDr. Gebisa Ejeta Ejeta, a Distinguished Professor of Agronomy, was selected as a World Food Prize laureate in 2009 for his research leading to improved sorghum varieties in his native Ethiopia and other African nations. Sorghum is a major food crop for more than 500 million people on the African continent.

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