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Natalie J Carroll

Youth Development and Agricultural Education 

  • Professor – Extension Education
615 W State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2053

Agricultural & Biological Engineering 

  • Professor of Ag & Bio Engineering
  • Interdepartmental Professor

Forestry and Natural Resources 

  • Courtesy Professor

Faculty Profile
Dr. Carroll focuses on informal youth education in natural resources and the environment. She provides 4-H project support for: aquatic science, beekeeping, entomology, forestry, geology, soil & water conservation, shooting sports education, sport fishing, weather, and wildlife projects. She coordinates 4-H/FFA Career Development Events (judging contests): Entomology, Forestry, Wildlife Habitat Evaluation) and co-coordinates the P.I.N.E. (Plants, Insects, Natural resources and Environment) workshop for high school youth. Dr. Carroll also holds an appointment in Agricultural and Biological Engineering where she teaches Environmental Systems Management.

BS Michigan State University Mathematics major/General Science minor, with secondary teaching certification
MS Michigan State University Agricultural Engineering - forage harvesting
PhD Michigan State University Agricultural Engineering - Soil & Water (numerical modeling)

Courses Taught
ASM 336 Environmental Systems Management
NRES 290 Introduction to Environmental Science (Spring 2008)
ABE 450 Finite Element Method in Design and Optimization (Fall, 2003 – 2006)
YDAE 591F Enrichment in the Classroom: Farm to Table (Summer, 2004, 2006)
ENGR 103 Introduction to Engineering Careers, Environmental and Natural Resources (Fall 2002 and invited lectures, 2003 – 2006)
HORT 590 Introduction to Agricultural Biotechnology (Summer, 2000)
EDCI 589D Enrichment in the Classroom: Natural Resources (Summer, 1997 & 1998)

Research Interests
Informal learning, especially science learning through environmental and natural resources experiences. Student motivation and learning.

Grants & Projects
Agro-ecosystem Approach to Sustainable Biofuels Production via the Pyrolysis-Biochar Platform (AFRI-CAP), NIFA, collaborator, 04/01/2011 – 03/31/2016, $22 million to Iowa State, sub-contrct $3,787,226 to Purdue
2011 Toyota 4-H2O Community Project, Indiana, National 4-H Council, Natalie Carroll, $65,000.
2010 Toyota 4-H2O Community Project, Indiana, National 4-H Council, Natalie Carroll & Renee McKee, $65,000.
Indiana Energizes! A 4-H SET Activity, Duke Energy, 2010, $12,500
COSIA: Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences, Halversen, Niyogi, D, NSF, 07/01/2009-8/31/11, NSF, University of California, Berkley, subcontract to Purdue, $268,258
Teaming with Insects, Christian Oseto (PI), Tim Gibb, Melissa Shepson, Natalie Carroll, one year (2009), National 4-H, CSREES, USDA. $87,174 (in negations) $104,300.00
Encouraging Regional Trade with Hermetic Storage for Cowpea in West and Central Africa, Joan Fulton (PI), Jess Lowneberg-DeBoer, Natalie Carroll, Larry Murdock, Barry Pittendrigh, Katy Ibrahim, five years (’07 – ’11), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, $11,414.417
Response of Aquatic and Terrestrial Microorganisms to Carbon-based Manufactured Nanoparticles, National Science Foundation, four years (’04 – ’08) $1,600,000
Apple Functional Genomics, two years (’03-’05). $1,659,708
Youth Research Projects, N. Carroll (PI), one year (2004), North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE), $3,500
Stout Woods Trail and Education, N Carroll (PI), two years (’01-’02), Purdue Department of Forestry & Natural Resources, $5,000
Purdue Residential On-site Wastewater Disposal, N. Carroll (PI), D. Jones, J. Frankenberger, two years (’00-’01), Purdue Extension Initiative Funding, $24,000
Development of Biotechnology curriculum for teachers, P. Goldsbrough (PI), N. Carroll, two years (’00-’01), Bottum/Kohlmeyer Public Policy Education Award, $4,500
Septic System and Water Quality in Indiana conference, N. Carroll (PI), D. Jones, 1 year (2001), SeaGrant College Program, $6,500.
Youth Shooting Sports Curriculum Development, N. Carroll, one year (2001), National Wild Turkey Foundation, $5,000
Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife by 4-H Volunteers, N. Carroll (PI), M. Klepinger, two years (’99-’01), National Sea Grant College Program, $140,891
Watershed Connections in Clinton County, J. Frankenberger (PI), N. Carroll, one year (1999), Bottum/Kohlmeyer Public Policy Education Award, $3,500
Great Lakes Adventure, CD-ROM, N. Carroll (PI), D. Jones, M. Strickland, two years (’96-’98), Environmental Protection Agency, $50,000

Discovery Learning Research Center, Internal Advisory Board, 2010 - present
Community Standards Board (CSB), August, 2010 – 2011
Andrews/Blosser Environmental Travel Grant Reviewer for the Graduate School, Spring, 2010
Promotions Committee, Panel X (clinical faculty), 2009-2010

Service to the University (NSF Advance Grant events and programs)
Search Committee Workshop, STEM disciplines, Fall, 2011

College of Agriculture
Mentoring for College of Agriculture faculty, 2010 - current
College Awards Committee, 2009 – current, Chair, 2010-current
Extension Internal Review Board (IRB), June, 2009 – January, 2011
University Senate, 2009 - 2012

Youth Development and Agricultural Education
Search Chair, 2011-current
Extension Committee, Chair, 2011 - current

International Efforts
Costa Rica, Proper Disposal of Unwanted Medication, 21st Century Watershed Technology Conference (ASABE), 2010
Burkina Faso, Experimental Design for Extension Research & Protocol for Extension Education Research, Collaborators meeting: Hermetic Storage for Cowpea Project, 2007
Sweden, Poster: Nanotechnology and the Environment, International Symposium on Society and Resource Management, 2005
Ireland, Employing a Volunteer Network to Help Control Purple Loosestrife, International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species, 2004
Brazil, The Great Lakes Adventure CDROM, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 2002 

Awards & Honors

(2011) APEX Award for Publication Excellence: Green Materials: Sensibel Disposal of Unwanted Medicine. Communication Concepts.

(2010) Educational Aids Competition, ASABE Blue Ribbon Award. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

(2010) PUCESA Mid-Career Award. Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service Association.

(2007) Deans Millionaire's Club. Purdue Ag.


(2003) Junior Award. • Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association (PUCESA).

Selected Publications

Carroll, N. J., & Oseto, C. (2011). Teaming with Insects, 4-H manual: Level 1, 37.

Carroll, N. J., & Oseto, C. (2011). Teaming with Insects, 4-H manual: Level 2, 33.

Carroll, N. J., & Oseto, C. (2011). Teaming with Insects, 4-H manual: Level 3, 33.

Carroll, N. J. (2011). Teaming with Insects, 4-H manual: Facilitator's Guide, 49.

Carroll, N. J., & Siegfried, W. (2010). Proper Disposal of Unwanted Medications, 48.

Carroll, N. J., & Kruse, J. (2011). Energy Investigators, youth manual, 15. Retrieved from

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Carroll, N. J., & Addae-Mensah, N. A. (2011). Saving Energy in Your Home: Insulation, 2. Retrieved from