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Diane E Stott


  • Adjunct Professor USDA

Selected Publications

Wienhold, B. J., Karlen, D. L., Andrews, S. S., & Stott, D. E. (2009). Protocol for Soil Management Assessment Framework (SMAF) soil indicator scoring curve development. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 24(4), 260-266.

Green, V. S., Stott, D. E., & Diack, M. (in press). Assay for fluorescein diacetate hydrolytic activity: Optimization for soil samples. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 38(4), 693-701.

Omonode, R. A., Gal, A., Stott, D. E., Abney, T. S., & Vyn, T. J. (in press). Short-term versus continuous chisel and no-till effects on soil carbon and nitrogen. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 70(2), 419-425.

Stott, D. E., Livingston, S. J., Huang, C., & [unknown] (2006). Loss of Dissolved Organic Carbon During Erosion Events from watersheds in Northeastern Indiana, USA. World Congress of Soil Science. Retrieved from

Stott, D. E., Liebig, M. A., Tanaka, D. L., Krumpski, J. M., & [unknown] (2005). Influence of Dynamic Cropping Systems on Soil Biochemistry. Soil Science Society of America International Meeting. Retrieved from

Awards & Honors

(2006) Chair of IUSS Commission 3.2 Soil & Water Conservation. International Union of Soil Science.

(2006) Past Chair, Division S-6 (Soil & Water management & Use). Soil Science Society of America.

(2005) Director, SSSA Board of Directors, Representing Div. S6. Soil Science Society of America.