Cindy H Nakatsu

Professor of Agronomy

Department: Agronomy
Phone: 765.496.2997
Fax: 765.496.2926
Office: Lilly 3-359

Curriculum Vitae

Area of Expertise: Microbial Ecology

Current Research Projects:

  • Impact of anthropogenic factors on microbial community structure
  • Source tracking and genetic fingerprinting of E. coli collected from the environment.
  • Biochemical and genetic basis of metal (Cr and Pb) resistance by bacteria
  • Biochemical and genetic basis of hydrocarbon degradation by bacteria
  • Development of quantitative PCR methods for monitoring bioattenuation of BTEX
  • Environmental factors influencing gene transfer.
  • Microbial ecology of wastewater treatment

Agronomy 649 - Molecular Microbial Ecology
Agronomy 349 - Soil Ecology

Bob the Bacterium

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Awards and Honors:
Purdue University Faculty Research Scholar, 2002-07
AIST Foreign Researcher Invitation Award, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, 1996 and 2001
Sustainable Agriculture Travel Award, OECD, 1997
Dow Elanco's Young Investigator's Award, Dow Elanco, 1995
Carleton University Scholarship, 1989-92
Ontario Postgrad Scholarship, 1991-92
NSERC Postgrad Scholarship, 1989-91

B.Sc., University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
M.Sc., University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Ph.D., Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Date joined staff:  August 1995