Services and Fees

The Purdue University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory is a central facility for receiving both physical samples and digital images submitted for identification of insects, plants and plant diseases or diagnosis of plant and pest problems. This service is provided for the specialists and county extension educators of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service and Purdue University's research faculty, staff, and students as well as for private businesses and citizens of Indiana.

NOTE: We do not accept physical samples sent from outside the United States. We recommend, due to potential regional differences in the occurrence of certain plant diseases, and species of plants and insects, that residents of other states first contact their local extension services and diagnostic labs for assistance, prior to submitting digital or physical samples to Purdue's Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab (PPDL). Follow this link for University Related Plant Disease and Soil Testing Services located in the United States.


Identification and control recommendations for:

  • Insects
  • Mites
  • Spiders
  • Other multi-legged creatures
  • Plant diseases
  • Disease causing organisms, including Fungi Bacteria Viruses
  • Unknown plants, including weeds
  • Nutritional problems*
  • Other non-infectious problems
  • Vertebrate pests

* The PPDL does not provide soil or tissue testing. You may wish to refer to this abbreviated list of certified soil and plant analysis testing labs (pdf file) for these services. Michigan State University runs a Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory. You may access submission and testing fee information at the following website:

Questions pertaining to Nematode identification should be addressed to the Nematology Laboratory

Who May Use These Services?

Any individual sending samples from within the United States (see note above). For example:

  • Agribusiness Personnel
  • Commercial Growers
  • Cooperative Extension Personnel
  • Crop Consultants
  • Greenhouse Personnel
  • Homeowners
  • Lawn and Garden Center Personnel
  • Nurserymen
  • Pest Control Operators
  • Public Health Officials
  • Turf Managers
  • University faculty, staff, students


Per Sample Handling Fee for Routine* Diagnosis of Physical Samples and Digital Images:

From within Indiana: $11.00
Outside of Indiana: $22.00

Per Sample Fee for Herbicide Resistance Testing in Weeds

From within Indiana: $11.00
Outside of Indiana: $72.00

We accept payment in the form of cash, money orders, or personal checks. No credit card payments accepted.

*Routine diagnosis includes the initial physical or digital sample evaluation comprised of plant and insect/pest identification, microscopic examination of diseased plant/insect specimens, culturing of suspected disease-causing organisms on nutrient media and diagnosis of plant disorders caused by environmental, cultural, or chemical factors.

Diagnostic responses will be sent by US mail, fax or electronic mail.

There will be no additional handling for any follow-up samples that might be requested by diagnosticians who require additional samples for a more accurate identification or diagnosis of the problem.

Additional Fee Assessment

Serological testing for certain plant related viruses, fungi, and bacteria: $25.00

BIOLOG (metabolite utilization and chemo-sensitivity) Microbial identification of bacteria: $25.00

PCR Analysis: $25.00

Sequencing: $50

*** Contact us with questions concerning specific tests.

Insect, Plant and other Pest Identification Requiring Additional Time and Resources: $20.00/hr

*** In some instances, necessary tests to identify causal agents, insects, plants, or other pests require additional time and resources (ie. identification using taxonomic keys). An hourly rate of $20 (charged in 15 minute increments) will be assessed for these exceptional samples