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What is a transformational experience?

It’s one that changes your outlook, that helps stretch your view.
It’s one where you grow. These opportunities are primarily outside the classroom and are designed to prepare you for life after college.

Transformational experiences can change the way one thinks. It can change one's career path. It can change one's perspective on life. Transformational experiences support student's leadership development and communication skills, interpersonal skills and personal well-being and ways of thinking.


Be transformed!

Dive into this Transformational Experience opportunity.

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The College of Agriculture encourages each student to participate in at least one transformational experience. What Purdue Agriculture offers goes beyond the classroom. CATE helps you learn about yourself and leverage what you find into a sustainable path towards ideas, inspiration and success.

You have a wide variety of options so you’re sure to find something to suit you. Explore what’s available and challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible before.

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Karen Plaut, Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture

“I would define a transformational experience as something that really changes a person’s perspective.”


Sabrina Myoda

“How many people have a professor who takes his student mentors bowling at the end of the course because he is so invested in their lives that he wants to celebrate the successes of the semester with them at the Rack & Roll?”

“It’s a wonderful feeling to sit down at a dining court table full of other agricultural students (many of whom are familiar faces) and to know that they share with me a passion for the world of plants and animals, cells and silos. At this table, I can wear my plant-loving heart on my sleeve as I share my own thoughts and listen to all the interesting agricultural topics my peers are exploring.”

- Sabrina Myoda (2018)

Ryan Schroeder

“These events range from Dinners with the Dean and Associate Dean, to volunteer events and horseback riding – which is on Friday and I am very excited about – to various lectures hosting world renowned leaders from across disciplines and areas of work. Some have included Tom Vilsack, former Secretary of Agriculture, Senior executives from DuPont Pioneer, the CEO of Dow AgroSciences, Tim Hassinger, and the list goes on. These opportunities provided by the university and the college have offered myself and my colleagues valuable networking opportunities and the ability to build connections and a diverse community within the College of Agriculture.”

- Ryan Schroeder (2017)


Sarah Correll

“Contracting classes allowed me to practice legal research and build relationships with faculty who also hold law degrees, and the need for honors credits motivated me to go to Peru this spring break to study human-animal interactions with a fabulous group of students from across the university.”

- Sarah Correll (2016)


Daniel Sweeney

“Each student was assigned a mentor to help guide them through the class… I relied on my mentor for advice and guidance long after that class ended; without him I probably would not have started as quickly as I did at Purdue in terms of extra-curriculars and academics… Without the mentorship given to me and the mentorship opportunities presented to me because of the Dean’s Scholars program I would not be in the same place I am today.”

“I am incredibly grateful that I had the chance to be a part of [Dean’s Scholars]. My collegiate career would have been inexplicably different without it and not for the better.”

- Daniel Sweeney (2015)