Boilermaker Butcher Block Meat List -June 26th, 27th, & 28th 2019
Weds, Thurs, Fri 11AM-5:30PM
* Indicates Sales Items
ChickenAverage WeightPrice Per PoundPork (Steaks/Chops/Ribs)Average WeightPrice Per Pound
Breast1.5$2.49Back ribs2$3.59
Thighs1.5$1.99America's & Butterfly Chops2$3.49
*Wings2$1.99Spare Ribs & Country Style Rib2$1.99
*Drumsticks1.5$1.49Sirloin Chops 2$1.99
Leg Quarters4$1.89Pork Blade Steak1$1.69
*Backs1.5$0.50Assorted Pork Chops4$1.99
Fresh Ham Steak2$0.89
Beef SteaksAverage WeightPrice Per PoundPork Cubed Steak2$1.59
Ribeye Thick & Thin1-2$16.99Pork (Roasts)Average WeightPrice Per Pound
Porterhouse1$14.49Tenderloin Roast1$3.99
Bone-In Ribeye1-2$13.99Loin Roast2$1.99
T-Bone1$13.49Sirloin Roasts3$1.79
Flank Steak1$10.99Boston Butt10$1.49
Skirt Steak1$10.99Boneless Ham 3$0.99
Top Sirloin 1$6.99Picnic5$0.99
Chuck Eye 1$5.99
Eye of Round1$5.49Non-Traditional CutsAverage WeightPrice Per Pound
Chuck Blade 1$4.99Pork Neck Bones3$0.99
Bottom Round 1$4.59Pork Liver1$0.45
Top Round 1$3.99Fresh Side w/Skin2$2.99
Fresh Side Sliced1$3.49
Beef RoastsAverage WeightPrice Per PoundPigs Feet 1$1.99
Beef Short Ribs3$5.49Pork Tongue1$1.99
Chuck Roast Boneless3$4.99Trim (Cheeks)3$2.39
Chuck Blade Roast3$4.49Beef Heart3$0.99
Chuck Arm Roast2$3.99Beef Shank2$4.99
Brisket4$5.99Beef Bones4$0.50
Brats/LinksAverage WeightPrice Per PoundGround ProductAverage WeightPrice Per Pound
Apple Brats1.5$3.99Ground Round1$5.99
Beef Jalapeno Cheddar Brat1.5$3.99Ground Sirloin1$5.99
Hot & Sweet Italian Sausage1.5$3.99Ground Beef Patties5$5.49
Cajun1.5$2.99Ground Chuck1-2$4.99
Chorizo1.5$2.99Patties for Salisbury Steak2$4.99
Polish Kielbasa1.5$1.99Ground Beef1-2$4.49
Boilermaker Special1.5$3.99Ground Chicken2$3.99
Tailgater Brat1.5$2.99Pork Patties5$3.59
Maple Flavor1.5$2.99Ground Pork1.5$2.59
Mozzarella Brat1.5$3.99
Smoked & CuredAverage WeightPrice Per Pound
MarinatedAverage WeightPrice Per PoundPulled Pork BBQ3$5.99
BBQ Chicken Breast2$4.99Pork & Beef Bacon1$5.50
Butter Garlic Chicken Breast2$4.99Pepperoni Sliced1$4.99
Sundried Tomato Chix Breast2$4.99Smoked Andouille 1.5$4.99
Buffalo Style Chicken Wings2$3.49Pork Summer Sausage1$3.49
BBQ Spareribs4$2.99 Smoked & Hot Smoked Sausage1$2.99
BBQ Drum Sticks 2$2.49Hot Smoked Sausage w/Cheese1$2.99
Mesquite Chix Thighs2$2.99*Ham Center Slice1.5$0.99
Stew Meat & Stir FryAverage WeightPrice Per PoundJerky & Snack SticksAverage WeightPrice Per Pack & lb.
Pork Stir Fry1$1.99 Teriyaki Pork0.18$5/pack
Pork Stew Meat1$1.59Spicy BBQ Pork0.18$5/pack
Beef Stew Meat2$4.99Peppered Pork Jerky0.18$5/pack
Lamb Stew Meat1$7.99Pork Smoked Cheddar Stix1$4.99/lb.
Pork Smoked Jalapeno Cheese Stix
Bulk SausagesAverage WeightPrice Per PoundBeef Snack Stick1$5.99
Southern & Hot Southern Brand1.5$1.99
Hot Italian1.5$1.99LambAverage WeightPrice Per Pound
Pork Sausage2$1.99Loin Chops1$9.99
Rib Chops1$8.99
Boiler Tracks Ice Cream1/2 Pint$4Neckbones & Riblets1$2.99
Shoulder Roast3$5.59
Leg Roast3$5.59

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