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Research Program

A more complete understanding of the control of nutrient metabolism in ruminants is central to our objective of optimizing growth and lactation.

The goal of research conducted in my laboratory is to determine factors which constrain the productive efficiency of livestock at the level of nutrient metabolism and to devise methods to circumvent such factors. In essence, we are seeking ways to produce milk and / or meat with fewer inputs. The liver, because of its anatomical positioning, exerts a tremendous influence on the profile and supply of absorbed nutrients which may be used for productive processes. Nutrients must first pass through the liver before they reach tissues where they are used for milk production or muscle synthesis. The degree of nutrient breakdown, or catabolism, by liver potentially limits energy and/or amino acids for animal production. Conversely, adequate synthesis of glucose, proteins, and transformation of other substances by liver is necessary to support efficient production of animal products. Our research approach integrates cell biology, molecular biology techniques and whole animal approaches to understand the processes which determine the fate of metabolizable nutrients with a goal of devising practices/technologies to enhance the efficiency of animal growth and/or milk production. Emphasis is placed on control of liver function and nutrient-gene interactions in late gestational and lactating dairy cattle and replacement heifers. Other research interests include: regulation of neonatal development, regulation of adipose tissue metabolism, effects of metabolic modifiers on nutrient partitioning, nutritional endocrinology, insulin resistance, evaluation of alternative feed ingredients, postruminal protein supply, and nutritionally related metabolic disorders.

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Research Techniques

  • Hepatocyte and adipocyte cell isolation and culture
  • Molecular biology techniques
  • In vivo and in vitro nutrient metabolism
  • Radioisotope tracer techniques
  • Nutrient analysis of feed ingredients

Selected Publications

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