Annual Activity Review Reports - PLEASE NOTE: These reports are not yet updated to pull data from the newly created USDA Reporting, Learning Events, Impact Statements, and Other Activities screens. We will communicate ASAP when the Annual Activity Review Reports area updated to pull data for Jan. - Dec. 2021.

There are two relevant reports from which you can pull data from Digital Measures.

  1. Ag - Annual Activity Review report (MS Word document)
    This report option pulls your annual activity data into a MS Word document
  2. Ag - Faculty and Extension Specialist Activity Summary Table (Spreadsheet). This pulls raw data on publications, grant dollars and more into an Excel format.

From the top navigation, select “Reports.” From the listing, select desired report and then set the date range. Click “Run Report.” This will create a document for your records.

Note: Please do NOT use the Rapid Reports button at the top of the DM screen. It does NOT work for our custom-built reports.