Selected Publications 2018

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Cloutier, S.C., Wang, S., Ma, W. K., Al Husini, N., Dhoondia, A., Ansari, A., Pascuzzi, P. E., Tran E. J. (2016) Regulated formation of lncRNA-DNA hybrids enables faster transcriptional induction and environmental adaptation. Cell. 61(3): 393-404. ***Highlighted in Science Signaling:


Shively, C. A., Kweon, H. K., Norman, K. L., Mellacheruvu, D., Xu, T., Sheidy, D. T., Dobry, C. J., Sabath, I., Cosky, E. E. P., Tran, E. J., Nesvizhskii, A., Andrews, P. C., Kumar, A. (2015)  Large-scale Analysis of Kinase Signaling in Yeast Pseudohyphal Development Identifies Regulation of Ribonucleoprotein Granules.  PLoS Genetics. ***Selected by Faculty of 1000:


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