Controlling Violets in Lawn

The following questions were sent to the P&PDL diagnosticians here at Purdue University:

Question: How do I get rid of wild a violets, in my lawn.

Question: I have been trying to control violets in my yard for the last two years. I have tried picking them by hand, making sure to pull the entire root structure. I have applied and re-applied "Round Up" to them (even tripling the recommended concentration), but this has met with little success. There must be something out there to effectively kill these things. We can put men in space, but we can't efficiently kill a simple little weed!?

Answer: Wild violets are a tough tough weed to control. Mid September to mid October is the best time to apply a herbicide but an additional application in May could help. Don't expect 100% control, but rather you will be successful if you are able to keep this weed only at bay and not spreading. Good luck.

-Zac Reicher, Turfgrass Extension Specialist (5/7/98)