The Ag Economy Barometer is the result of a collaboration between Purdue University’s Center for Commercial Agriculture and the CME Group to provide monthly nationwide measures of the health of the US agricultural economy. Together we believe this economic indicator underscores the importance of the agricultural economy and its participants - food producers and agribusinesses - to the overall U.S. and global economies. Purdue will analyze and report the result of each months' Ag Economy Barometer value, which will be published the first Tuesday of every month.

The Ag Economy Barometer will be a comprehensive measure of the health of the agricultural economy. Each month, agricultural producers are surveyed to get a feel for monthly economic sentiment. The results are used to calculate an index (for more information, see “Survey Methodology”). The Barometer is unique because the index will be calculated based on producers' sentiment about both current conditions and future expectations. Unlike other indices, the Ag Economy Barometer will also focus directly on key economic drivers US farm economy, including farm profitability, farmland values and key commodity prices and other seasonal drivers such as seed, fertilizer and feed ingredient prices. Each quarter, 100 agribusiness leaders will be surveyed to provide additional insight into the health of the ag economy. The barometer website features monthly releases and webinars.

Download the reports release schedule.

You can also find the barometer and two of its components—the Index of Current Conditions and the Index of Future Expectations—on the Bloomberg Terminal under the following ticker symbols: AGECBARO, AGECCURC and AGECFTEX.

Purdue University’s Center for Commercial Agriculture was founded in 2011 to be the premier provider of professional development and educational programs for farmers in the industry. Including renowned faculty and research in the program design, development and delivery differentiates Purdue University programs in the industry. Housed within the Department of Agricultural Economics, the center’s award-winning, diverse and experienced faculty and staff develop and execute unique and relevant research and educational programs that address the distinctively different needs of managing in today’s volatile business environment.

The resources the center brings to the table are extensive—academic expertise from both inside and outside of the agriculture industry, forward thinking about trends in the domestic and international agriculture marketplace, and an understanding of real-world management practices for farm businesses across the country.

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