Tools for Extension Educators & specialists

One of PIFB's goals is to support Extension educators/specialists and Extension programming in Indiana and beyond. We have compiled tools for Extension to use below. 

The Farm’s Legacy: A Guidebook for Intra-Family Succession is a publication authored by the Purdue Succession Planning Team. This guidebook is a culmination of years of firsthand knowledge and expertise with farm families and the intricate inter-workings of the succession planning process. Within this guidebook, you will find articles and exercises to guide you and your family farm through the succession process. At the core of succession is communication. Of course, other components are critical to succession as well. This guidebook covers the topics of: 1) Setting Goals for the Business, 2) Communication, 3) Financial Feasibility, 4) Protecting the Business & Mitigating Risk, 5) Management Transfer, and 6) Estate Planning & Ownership (Asset) Transfer. Our workbook is meant to educate, as well as spark conversations that may otherwise be difficult to start.

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This website will help you write a business plan using a question-and-answer guided format.

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Renee Wiatt & Maria I. Marshall

Keywords: assessment, functionality, relationship, family business, satisfaction

In a family business, the family and the business are constantly competing for limited amounts of time, attention, and resources. The FB-BRAG allows users to measure family business functioning from a variety of viewpoints, in a way that holistically incorporates family and business functionality into one assessment. The four questions included in the assessment are modeled after Smilkstein’s (1978) family APGAR and work APGAR assessments. APGAR assessments measure adaptability, partnership, growth, affection, and resolve (Smilkstein, 1978), while the FB-BRAG measures family business balance, resolve, adaptability, and growth.


The Purdue Extension Succession Planning Team provides resources and information for families planning the transfer of the farm to the next generation. The team cultivates strong Indiana farm families through events such as Regional Workshops, Introduction to Succession Planning Presentations, and Farm Family Visits. Visit their page to learn more!


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Keywords: code red plan, business and farm operation

This resource helps you learn how to prevent a code red situation (i.e. if a business is unable to operate due to the loss of a key member) for your family, business or farm operation by having a completed Code Red plan. Topics included are passwords, bank account information, rental agreements, insurance papers and power of attorney documents and much more in one easy location. After completing the Code Red plan, family farms should turn a code red situation into a code green and the business can continue to operate on a daily basis. Code Red also can be a tool that helps families get motivated to get started on estate and/or succession planning.


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