Decision Making Tools

These tools and aids were created to help you make informed decisions.

Decision Making Programs from Purdue University

Hay Cost Calculator - downloads as Excel file

Pasture Cost Per day - downloads as Excel file

  Decision Making Programs from Iowa State University

Decision Making Programs from South Dakota State University

Feed Cost Calculator

This tool helps producers evaluate the relative costs of two different feedstuffs.

Natural Feeding Comparison
This tool helps producers compare natural and conventional feeding systems.

Share Lease Calculator
Cow –Calf share leases are a tool for two parties to pool resources and share the revenue. Typically one party provides the cattle and/or other fixed assets, while the other party provides labor, feed, and management. These arrangements can be beneficial to both parties, but that will require careful planning before the start of the lease.

Creep Feed Comparison
This tool helps producers determine the economics of creep feeding beef calves.

Decision Making Programs from The University of Wyoming

Cow Herd Economics Calculator
Note:  These three Excel Files Must be kept together in the same folder and their files names cannot be changed in order to operate correctly. These files are compressed into one zip file.

Decision Making Programs from the University of Kentucky