The Animal Sciences Graduate Program


Financial support is often available to qualified students via departmental research and teaching assistantships, University scholarships and fellowships, and grant-supported assistantships. However, the funds available are limited. Awards are based on merit and made by committee selection following acceptance of the applicant into the graduate program. Stipends are (2023-2024) $24,500.00 for M.S. and Ph.D. candidates, plus remission of all but a nominal portion (approximately $303.00/semester) of tuition and fees. Stipends are adjusted annually for inflation. 


A few highly competitive Fellowships are available from the graduate school and Purdue University. To be considered as an applicant from the department of Animal Sciences for one of these fellowships, your application needs to be submitted and completed by December 15. Further information on graduate fellowships that are available can be found through the Graduate School's Fellowships web site.