​Elementary EGG Curriculum

This STEM-based curriculum includes 5 online modules containing a mixture of content, including text, video and questions. The poultry modules were designed to align with 4th and 5th grade Indiana and national school learning standards.

The 5 online modules are:

Module 1: Introduction to the Table Egg Industry

This module will guide students through the process of understanding the history of the table egg industry in the United States. Students will learn how to identify the basic life stages of hens.

Module 2: Production: Farm to Fork

In this module, students will explore the steps needed for an egg to make it to the consumer. They will also learn the importance of different hen housing systems and consider the common types of table eggs.

Module 3: Laying Hens: Anatomy & Physiology

After completion of this module, students will be able to identify the basic steps and purpose of the chicken's digestive and reproductive systems. Students will explore how farmers select genetic traits for eggs and how genetics can impact egg production. Students can play an online simulation game after completing this module.

Module 4: Animal Welfare: Caring for Hens

Animal welfare is extremely important for the table egg industry. In this module, students will learn about the "Five Freedoms" associated with animal welfare and how to take care of laying hens.

Module 5: Dietary Benefits: Why Eat Eggs?

In this module, students will identify the components needed to balance human diets and compare and contrast differences between the nutrition needs of laying hens and humans. The dietary benefits of including table eggs in human diets will also be discussed.

Once all 5 modules are complete, students participate in a team project with a goal of each team creating an economically sound poultry operation while maintainting high animal welfare standards.

Course Sample: Parts of the egg
Course Sample: Soybean Scientist poses a question
Course Sample: Types of housing systems

Curriculum Components:

  • Overall Program Facilitator Guide
  • Student Content Quizzes for Each Module
  • Document Showing How Each Module Aligns with Indiana State Standards
  • Online Module Component: Link to Each Module and Student Notebooks
  • Team Project: Student Decision Packet, Presentation Questions, Presentation Rubrics and Student Self-Evaluation Sheet

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