​​​​Swine Staff 

The swine staff is comprised of Animal Sciences faculty and staff from the Animal Sciences Research and Education Center (ASREC). Please click on any picture to redirect to their profile page.

Faculty Members

Brian Richert Scott Radcliffe Allan Schinckel Kara Stewart
Brian Richert
Extension Specialist
Nutrition and Management
Scott Radcliffe
Extension Specialist
Nutrition and Management
Allan Schinckel
Extension Specialist
Breeding and Genetics
Kara Stewart
Extension Specialist
Reproductive Physiology
Layi Adeola Kola Ajuwon Luiz Brito
Birgit Cabot
Olayiwola 'Layi' Adeola
Kolapo 'Kola' Ajuwon
Adipose Biology/Nutritional Physiology
Luiz Brito
Quantitative Genetics & Genomics
Birgit Cabot
Reproductive Biology and Early Embryo Development 
Ryan Cabot Paul Ebner Dale Forsyth
Tim Johnson
Ryan Cabot
Reproductive Physiology and Molecular Biology
Paul Ebner
Extension Specialist
Dale Forsyth
Nonruminant Nutrition
Tim Johnson
Food Animal Microbiome and Microbial Ecology
Brad Kim Zoltan Machaty Stacy Zuelly
Yuan H 'Brad' Kim
Meat Science and Muscle Biology
Zoltan Machaty
Reproductive Physiology and Developmental Biology
Stacy Zuelly
Meat Science



Brian Ford Katelin Ade Aaron Nally Reid Haniford
Brian Ford
Swine Unit Manager
Katelin Ade
Swine Unit Assistant Manager
Aaron Nally
Research Technician
Frederick 'Reid' Haniford
Research Technician

USDA-ARS Faculty Members
Susan Eicher Jay Johnson Don Lay Jeremy Marchant-Forde
Susan Eicher
Research Physiologist
Immunology, Behavior & Well-Being
Jay Johnson
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Stress and Nutritional Physiology
Donald 'Don' Lay Jr
Research Leader
Animal Behavior & Well-Being
Jeremy Marchant-Forde
Research Animal Scientist
Ethology, Behavior & Welfare