Cleaning with Micro-bubbles

Green CIP Technology with Micro-bubbles curriculum

Sanitation in the food industry has a double purpose.

On one hand, it includes cleaning food process equipment to eliminate deposits built-up on food processing equipment surfaces that harbor microorganisms and compromise food safety and quality. On the other hand, sanitation is essential for cleaning soiled equipment surfaces that may induce significant resistance to heat transfer and affect the performance of the food process.

Since sanitation must follow strict and timely scheduled protocols, commonly spaced between production cycles, the food industry extensively uses Clean-In-Place (CIP) for the interior cleaning of pipes, vessels, and other enclosed process systems.

Purdue University researchers are currently studying ways to reduce water and energy use by using micro-bubbles to clean food processing equipment. The curriculum (see link below) provides information about the research, the researchers, and activities for high school students.

 This image shows how micro-bubbles remove soil from a pipe.