Life Science Ranges and Plant Growth Facility


LSR History

Ranges 1-6: 

The original 14 rooms were constructed in the late 1950’s with a major renovation in 1999 that added new aluminum sash bars, tempered roof panels, computer controls, improved cooling systems and supplemental lighting.  Range 2 was demolished in 2017 to make room for the new AAPF building.

Ranges 7-12:

The 1970’s expansion added 27 rooms that were also renovated in 1998.  Four very small rooms in range 8 were converted to two slightly larger rooms during that renovation.

Ranges 13 – 14:

The 1999 expansion added taller greenhouse for the production of larger crops such as corn and sorghum.

LSR Today

The greenhouse contains research and teaching materials for 40 faculty members, several hundred graduate and undergraduate students in 53 separate rooms totaling 52,000 square feet.  Individual rooms range from 340-1900 square feet.

Environmental controls are handled by either Argus or Q-com.  Q-Com was installed in 1999 and the transition to Argus began in 2017 and should be complete in 2022.

Supplemental HPS lighting is provided in the majority of the facility by 400, 600 or 1000 watt fixtures.  The initial LED upgrade began in 2017 with one room and four additional rooms were retrofitted in 2020.

Controlled Environment Growth Chambers

The LSR headhouse contains 30 growth chambers manufactured by BioChambers, Conviron and Percival.  Nine chambers are available for rent through the Purdue College of Agriculture Plant Growth Chamber Center (PGCC)  

Ag Alumni Seed Phenotyping Facility (AAPF)

The AAPF was constructed in 2017 and began operation in 2018 with one large walk-in Conviron controlled environment chamber.  A second chamber was added in 2022 which more than doubled the facility’s capacity. Space in the AAPF is available for a fee by contacting AAPF personnel.