Lab News

February 2024

The Hans Lab attended the American Academy of Forensic Sciences conference in Denver, CO. This conference was a great opportunity to present our research, meet with collaborators and learn about new areas in forensic science. Hans Lab Members at AAFS 2024         Pictured from left to right: Teomie Rivera-Miranda, Dr. Krystal Hans, Kelly Bagsby, Vanessa Cooper

November 2023

Students at ESA 2023

Hans Lab graduate students Teomie Rivera-Miranda (left) and Vanessa Cooper (right) presented the results of their research at the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America in National Harbor, Maryland.

October 2023

The 2nd Cold Case Symposium, co-hosted by Dr. Hans and Ryan Backmann of Project: Cold Case, was hosted at Purdue University on October 12, 2023. The event was well attended, both in-person and virtually, and included speakers from advocacy organizations, law enforcement, forensic professionals and families impacted by unresolved cases. This event offers a platform to share information, mobilize support and offer resources for the community, forensic science, law enforcement and families in need. Read more about the Cold Case Symposium here

Speakers at CCS 2023

Loren O'Keeffe, Founder of The Missed Foundation (left), Dr. Krystal Hans (center), and Ryan Backmann, Founder of Project: Cold Case at the 2023 Cold Case Symposium hosted at Purdue University.

August 2023

CCS 2023 graphic to explain the eventWe invite you to join us again for the Cold Case Symposium on October 12, 2023 at Purdue University to learn from experts and leave with action to support the families seeking answers in unsolved cases.

By joining us at the Cold Case Symposium 2023, you're not just enhancing your own skills—you're using the power of collective impact to align resources and mobilize support for unsolved cases. 

This year Dr. Krystal R. Hans in conjunction with Ryan Backmann (Project: Cold Case), will bring you the opportunity to:

🔬 Unleash New Techniques: Immerse yourself in sessions designed to equip you with best practices in forensic demonstrations and techniques to sharpen your skills and discover fresh approaches to analyzing evidence.

💡 Gain Insights from Experts: Thoughtful discussions with seasoned investigators, forensic scientists, legal professionals, families and compassionate victim advocates. Explore best practices, navigate ethical dilemmas, and gain a comprehensive perspective on cold case investigations.

🌐 Explore Digital Advancements: The latest breakthroughs in DNA analysis and digital forensics are being used to bring justice. Learn how to leverage these innovative tools for cold cases that were once deemed unsolvable.

🤝 Forge Lasting Connections: Collaborate with a diverse community of experts—some in professional training, others in lived experience as family advocates of the murdered and missing to expand your network and strengthen your resolve in seeking justice for families who are looking for resolution.

This event is offered in-person and online. To secure your spot, we recommend registering early as space is limited. Join us in making a positive impact together.

Join us for real stories, real support and real resources.

July 2023

Hans lab training law enforcement in 2023

Dr. Hans serves as an instructor for law enforcement at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. In July, Dr. Hans and her lab members lead a workshop in forensic entomology to train officers on the collection and analysis of insect evidence.

Dr. Hans and Teomie at the ICDX conferenceDr. Hans and Teomie attended and presented at the International Congress of Dipterology conference in Reno, Nevada.

June 2023

Hans Lab at NAFEA 2023 conferenceThe Hans Lab at NAFEA (left to right): Teomie Rivera-Miranda, Vanessa Cooper, Dr. Krystal Hans and Kelly Bagsby, presented their research at the North American Forensic Entomology Association Conference at Arizona State University. Vanessa Cooper won an award for Best Masters Student Presentation.

April 2023

The Hans Lab participated in Bug Bowl 2023, with forensic entomology activities for the community. Our lab provided information about forensic entomology, a treasure hunt for forensic insects, observation stations of the blow fly life cycle and maggot art!

Hans Lab at Bug Bowl 2023

Pictured above from left to right: Aubrey Williams, Dr. Hans, Vanessa Cooper, Kelly Bagsby, Teomie Rivera-Miranda. Pictured below: maggot art!

Hans Lab Maggot Art from Bug Bowl 2023


Aubrey Williams presented her undergraduate research at the Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference. Her poster discussed her work with concrete encasement and decomposition. 

Aubrey Williams presenting her research

November 2022

Dr. Krystal Hans received the Richard L. Kohl's Outstanding Early Career Teaching Award from the College of Agriculture. Pictured below is Dean Karen Plaut (left), Dr. Hans (center), and Associate Dean Dr. Christine Wilson (right).

Dr. Hans receives the Kohl's Award in 2022

August 2022

Kelly Bagsby defended her master's thesis and graduated from the University of Florida. Congratulations Kellly on your achievement! 

June 2022

Students from the Hans Lab, Summer Brantley, Kelly Bagsby, Vanessa Cooper, and Teomie Rivera-Miranda, presented their research at the North American Forensic Entomology Association Conference in New Jersey.Summer Brantley, Kelly Bagsby, Vanessa Cooper, Teomie Rivera-Miranda, Dr. Hans at NAFEA

The students each gave a fantastic presentation and Kelly Bagsby won the Best Presentation (Master’s Level) Award!Kelly Bagsby receiving Best Presentation (Master's Level) Award

May 2022

Congratulations to Teomie Rivera and Vanessa Cooper for receiving travel awards from NAFEA (North American Forensic Entomology Association)!

Congratulations to all Purdue 2022 graduates, especially our students Summer Brantley, Ashley Brazaeu and Autumn Greer!

Summer and Krystal at graduation
Ashley and Krystal at graduation

April 2022

Congratulations to Teomie Rivera for receiving the Elanco Animal Health Graduate Endowment Award!

February 2022

Collaborations with Uncovered: Dr. Hans and Rachael Rosslet presented about student involvement in cold case investigations at the American Academy of Forensic Science in Seattle! Their talk was titled Integrating Cold Case Investigations in Forensic Science Education: Student Engagement in Research, Information Literacy and Data Visualization.
Rachel Rosselet, Lauren Weidner and Krystal Hans  at AAFS
AAFS title slide

January 2022

Dr. Hans was selected for the Societal Impact Fellows Program, offered through the Office of Engagement at Purdue.

November 2021

Dr. Hans was selected for the Early Career Recognition Symposium at the Entomological Society of America conference in Denver. She presented her research in forensic entomology and student learning in a presentation titled CSI (Cultivating Scientific Inquiry): Teaching and Research in Forensic Entomology.

Dr. Hans at ESA 2021