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The Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide was developed by the Midwest Fruit Workers Group.

This publication combines two longtime guides that have become familiar to countless growers:  the annual Midwest Small Fruit and Grape Spray Guide and the annual Midwest Tree Fruit Spray Guide.

Print copies of the publication are available from the Purdue Extension Education Store.  Single copies cost $15 each, boxes of 10 cost $135 each.

The Midwest Fruit Workers Group also publishes companions to this guide, including the Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook and Midwest Tree Fruit Pest Management Handbook. Contact your local Cooperative Extension office for information on these publications.


Janna Beckerman (coordinating editor), Bruce Bordelon, and Rick Foster, Purdue University; Nicole Ward Gautier, Ric Bessin, John Strang, Chris Smigell, and Shawn Wright, University of Kentucky; Christelle Geudot, University of Wisconsin; Celeste Welty and Melanie Ivy, Ohio State University; Dean Volenberg, University of Missouri; Lina Rodriguez-Salamanca, Laura Jesse Iles, and Diane Cochran, Iowa State University; Donn Johnson, University of Arkansas; Daniel Frank, West Virginia University

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For questions, comments, or suggestions please contact the coordinating editor jbeckerm@purdue.edu​​.